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Steel drums typically have two openings (bung holes) with flanges, 2″ and 3/4″ in diameter, in the top of the container (or cover for open head drums). The flanges are the closure attachments that are permanently inserted into the drum and provide the receiving threads for a plug Steel Tongue Drum, 13 Notes 12 Inches Steel Tongue Drum Percussion Antelope Horn Hand Drum, C Major, Exquisite Design, Great Gift for Holiday Birthday Parties. 4.5 out of 5 stars. 38. $99.99

Small & Intermediate Steel Drums. 4 to 42 gallon (15 to 160 liters) steel drums, tight and open head, plain or lacquered/lined This steel drum serves as a perfect instrument for meditation, festival celebrations, pressure release, music education, and many more. Beginners can preferably use the mallets to produce better sounds instead of using hands. The best thing is that the dedicated support team will help you with any inquiries you might have concerning the sound play Steel tongue drums are similar to hang drums and they belong to the idiophone family of musical instruments. They produce calming and ethereal sounds and they are very easy to play thanks to the fixed tuning of the tongues Another important and interesting feature of Steel Drums, Steel Pan Free app is a music player that is loaded with eleven (11) sampled play along sound loops for jamming or practice playing. There are two playlist buttons; one for tracks that are packaged with the app and one for online streaming Steel Drum Production is manufacturing complete production plants for steel drum. Our production lines can be customized for you. Contact Steel Drum Production: +90 262 343 22 9

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Drum refers to the steel drum containers from which the pans are made; the steel drum is more correctly called a steel pan or pan as it falls into the idiophone family of instruments, and so is not a drum (which is a membranophone) Developed in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago in the 1930's, the steel pan drum isn't actually a drum at all, but an idiophone. The entire instrument vibrates to make the sound - not simply a drum skin - allowing it to create a range of pitches no drum could dream of Reconditioned UN standard bung top steel drum. The drum has bungs designed specifically for holding hazardous liquids. Available in blue. Each: £22. Call 0113 263 8643 or email packaging@wastecare.co.uk now to get a quote or find out more about the Industrial Packaging service

Steel drums originated in Trinidad, in the West Indies, in the 20th century and are played in ensembles, or steel bands, of about 4 to 100 performers. Drums are commonly made in four sizes from bass to treble, called boom, cellopan, guitar pan, and ping pong Steel is a durable alloy that can be utilized for decades before being recycled. Breweries and dairies use 55-gallon steel drums and barrels because of their strength, stability, ease of filling, and dispensing of liquids. Stack them for storage and shipping for cost-effective space saving. When exploring packaging for hazardous products that. Our steel drums (barrels) are manufactured in our Lloydminster, Alberta plant and are available from our locations throughout Canada. Custom decoration is available for the exterior, and all may be specified with interior linings. We are also capable of manufacturing different types of specialty steel drums to meet customer needs. UN Registration

Steel Drums, also known as Steel Pans, have an amazing melodic sound with 8 or more notes. Originally made in Trinidad from hand-tuned 55-gallon oil barrels, steel drums have evolved into a well-loved musical instrument throughout the world. From models designed for children to those designed for professionals, eBay lists a wide variety in a range of prices. How do you play the steel drum Steel Tongue Drum, Horse 12 Inch 13 Tones Tank Drum C Key Percussion Steel Drum Kit with Drum Mallets Note Stickers Finger Picks Mallet Bracket and Gig Bag 4.6 out of 5 stars 78 $69.99 $ 69 . 99 $79.98 $79.9 Jump In The Line - Shake Senora - Steel Rhythm Band - Steel Drums - Calypso Soca - Harry Belafonte - YouTube. Write Clearly and Concisely | Grammarly. Watch later

Mauser Packaging Solutions steel drums meet the most stringent packing requirements for the handling of dangerous products, especially in the chemical and petrochemical fields. Innovations, including our drums' triple seam and W-shaped rolling hoops, provide superior strength and durability We are the price leader for full size, high quality steel pans (steel drum) instruments. All of our instruments are handcrafted in Trinidad, where the steel pan originated and is known for having the best pan tuners and makers in the world. The pans do not come off an assembly line and each pan will have some tool markings and small imperfections.

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10+ DIY Recycled Metal Drum Projects If you have old metal barrels at your home or easy to get them, you are lucky enough to have these fabulous recycling DIY ideas and tutorials here. You can simply add a top to make it as coffee table or patio set, or cut and transform them into beautiful couches and chairs Steel drums are shipping drums made from steel. Like plastic drums, they come in both open-head and closed-head varieties. Get the Best Price On Steel Drums for Sale. Steel drums are extraordinarily strong and tough, and they're versatile as well. Steel drums can store almost any kind of substance, although they shouldn't be used to store. steel drum definition: 1. a wide hollow metal pan, sometimes made from an oil container, that is played like a drum: 2. a. Learn more

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  1. A steel drum band is the perfect way to heat up your next party. Perfect for weddings, backyard barbecues, and more, steel drum bands can bring a tropical feeling to any event, in any location. Hire a steel drum band from The Bash and take your guests on a trip to the islands. ALABAMA Steel Drum Bands
  2. The Steel Pan, also known as the Steel Drum, is a musical instrument assigned to the idiophones that was created on Trinidad. An ensemble of several Pans is called Steelband. Steel Pans are made of a concave thin sheet in the form of a round metal resonance body (traditional: oil barrel) into which different tone fields (sound surfaces) are.
  3. Stainless Steel Drums (Open Head) Open Head Stainless Steel Drums (removable top) are offered in 85 gallon (322 liters), 55 gallon (208 liters), 30 gallon (114 liters), 20 gallon (76 liters), 15 gallon (57 liters), 10 gallon (38 liters), 5 gallon (19 liters), and 4 gallon (15 liters) sizes. Stainless Steel Drums offer an ideal solution for products requiring drum purity and compatibility of.
  4. Steel Drums Wholesale 55 Gallon Steel Drums and Other Sizes of Bulk Steel Drums from BASCO? Why? High-quality metal drums like an industry standard 55 gallon steel drum: Made from first quality cold rolled steel; Long-lasting endurance and product protection made a priority: 55 gallon bulk steel drums have either rust inhibitor interiors or phenolic lining to preserve the products' integrit

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  1. A USA manufacturer of standard and custom-designed steel drums. As a manufacturer with an ISO 9001:2015 registered quality management system, Skolnik Industries produces the highest-quality carbon steel drums and stainless steel drums for businesses and government agencies with demanding containment needs. Our offerings exceed 400 steel container options including the popular 55 gallon steel.
  2. the metal drum company. For over 50 years The Metal Drum Company have been manufacturing steel containers for the petro-chemical, resin and paint, dye stuff and construction industries. Our products range in size from 5 to 230 litres. Find out more about us here
  3. 10 11 Notes White Handpan Tongue Drum Steel-Titanium Alloy D Major Pan Drum. £58.79. Free postage. or Best Offer. Steel Pan Drum Lead / Tenor Mallets. Hardwood with natural latex rubber tip. £5.50
  4. Roland JV-2080 Steel Drum C4. Added on Dec. 27, 2017, 6:20 a.m. Category: Synthesizer - Melodic Percussion Sample Rate: 44100 Hz. Format: Stereo. Bit Depth: 16-Bit. 1.
  5. Piccola realtà artigianale nata nel 2009, Steeldrum progetta e realizza uno ad uno tutti i propri fusti con lavorazioni interamente artigianali , assemblaggio manuale e test a prodotto finito
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Un steel drum [1] ou steeldrum, c'est-à-dire « tambour d'acier » en anglais, plus couramment appelé pan (« casserole ») ou steel pan [1], est un instrument de percussion idiophone mélodique.. Il est originaire de Trinité-et-Tobago et répandu dans des orchestres steelbands, typiquement composés de plusieurs de ces instruments différents [2].. De steeldrum (ook wel steelpan of pan genoemd) is een muziekinstrument dat van oorsprong uit Trinidad en Tobago afkomstig is. Het instrument wordt meestal in groepsverband (steelband) bespeeld.Een steeldrum wordt gemaakt van een oliedrum van 55 gallon en wordt gerekend tot de idiofonen.. De steeldrum is een chromatisch gestemd slaginstrument.Er bestaan ook diatonisch gestemde steeldrums R 160 Open lid steel drums for sale Bloemfontein. Fichardt Park, Bloemfontein Today. R 150 Steel drums 210L. Germiston, Gauteng Yesterday. R 120 Steel Drum for Braai. Schoongezicht, Meyerton5 days ago. R 120 Steel drums. Daveyton, Benoni Jun 21. R 5,500 Speed Queen Washing Machine Steel drum Fully Auto 55 Gallon Black Steel Open Head Drum, Brown Phenolic Lined w/ 2 and 3/4 Fittings, 1A2/Y1.5/100 Explore 181 results for steel drum in the Pond5 Sound Effects collection. Sound Effects / steel drum. steel drums percussion xylophone acoustic guitar metal impact flute sewing machine marimba. Filter Icon. Created with Sketch. Filters. Best match Popular Newest Price: Low to High Price: High to Low Duration: Short to Long Duration: Long to Short

Bauform. Die Steel Pan wird oft auch als Steel Drum bezeichnet. Dieser Ausdruck hat sich vor allem in den USA durchgesetzt. Als Steel Drum wird in Trinidad allenfalls das Rohmaterial bezeichnet, aus dem eine Steel Pan gebaut wird. Mit pan ist das Material und die einwärts gewölbte Schlagfläche gemeint, drum bezieht sich auf die wie eine Trommelmembran geschlagene Blechplatte und die einer. 28,469 steel drum stock photos, vectors, and illustrations are available royalty-free. See steel drum stock video clips. of 285. steel pan drums steel band caribbean steel drum music steel music steel drums instrument jamaican men hazardous waste drums barrel isometric steel pan instrument steel pan drum. Try these curated collections DPI Recyclers 210 Litre Steel Drums. DPI offers a specialized service to a wide variety of industrial players, where we buy 210 litre steel drums and 210 litre plastic containers that have been used for the transportation and storage of chemical products/goods. These used drums and containers are reconditioned

The Industrial Steel Drum Institute (ISDI) represents manufacturers that produce millions of steel drums annually. Those drums transport a wide variety of goods - from food additives and concentrates to high-hazard chemical and petroleum products. Decoding the UN Marks on a New Tighthead Steel Drum High-quality metal drums, like industry standard 55 gallon steel drums, are made from first quality cold rolled steel. Bulk and wholesale steel drums have either rust inhibitor interiors or phenolic lining to preserve the inside of the drums and the products' integrity in turn. We have UN rated metal drum varieties to transport and store. All MAUSER steel drums contain the experience and competence resulting from our over 100 years of corporate history. Year for year, we manufacture several million of these high-quality packaging units, which are especially suited for the kinds of sensitive, hazardous and most aggressive materials used in the chemical and petrochemical industries

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  1. The steel drums' pricing is defined based on their capacity. The pricing for 55 gallon steel drums is more than steel drums with capacity other than 55 gallon. With its low pricing, other than 55 gallon steel drums are more affordable for small & medium size end-use industries. Steel drum pricing varies as per the geographical change
  2. Steel Drums with Drain. A threaded opening 4 from the bottom allows you to drain a drum without moving it. Plastic Drums. Ship materials in these UN-compliant drums. Heavy Duty Plastic Drums. These drums are seamless, making them more durable than other plastic drums. Stainless Steel Drums
  3. 205L New Steel Drums - Closed Head. New 205 litre steel closed head drum, with Eppon lining internally. Food grade. Also DG rated, suitable for Aviation Fuel. (585 mm wide x 890 mm high
  4. A steel tongue drum (also known as hank drum or tank drum), is a round steel slit made from an empty propane tank. Over the years, manufacturers have perfectly designed their drums with the beautiful aesthetic appearance and amazing sound quality
  5. Steel drums are cylindrical barrels designed to hold large quantities of industrial liquids or semi-liquids, such as oils, chemicals, or foodstuffs. The traditional steel drum is constructed from either carbon steel or stainless steel and is generally produced with a storage capacity of 210 litres

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200lt steel drums for sale. gumtree.co.za. 2 days ago. Limited special offer! Recycle water 220l foodgrade drums with taps. Now even cheaper. Parow, Parow. R 170. Limited special offer ending 23 april!220l used steel barrels for recycle water storage,transport can be arrangedlocation: 16 coleman street elsies river.. The Skolnik 30 Gallon Steel Drum is an excellent choice for packaging wine, syrup, pharmaceuticals, and many other products. It promotes additional mobility because of its small size and provides more options for shipping smaller product quantities The steel tongue drum is different from handpan in availability, price, and the production of sound. All steel tongues have 8 notes or full octave arranged in ascending order. Tips to Help You Get Started. Use the drumstick to practice these exercises Steel Drums. Astron Sustainability provides steel drum reconditioning and disposal services for both open head and closed head drums. Reconditioning extends the lifecycle of steel drums without compromising their quality, it also provides a cost-effective and complementary alternative to new packaging M&M Steel Drum Co has been serving the container and drum needs for industry in Western North Carolina and Eastern Tennessee for over 40 years. We sell a variety of storage and shipping containers from 5 gallon-275 gallon. We have used, reconditioned and new drums.

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Steel drums. Polylined drums. Tinplate pails. If it's in tin, it's intact. VIP Packaging's high-quality small metal drums and pails offer one of the best protections against the rough and tumble of transportation, for everything from food ingredients to most chemicals. Available in nine sizes, ranging from 10 to 25 litres, and with a. Free Steel Drum Loops Samples Sounds. The free steel drum loops, samples and sounds listed here have been kindly uploaded by other users. If you use any of these steel drum loops please leave your comments. Read the loops section of the help area and our terms and conditions for more information on how you can use the loops

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OIL DRUM / STEEL BARREL 45 GALLON / 200 LITRE. Devizes, Wiltshire. 200 litre / 45 gallon oil drum / steel barrel. Ideal for storing heating oil, diesel, waste oil, or converting into a variety of other devices. All drums are drained for 48 hours, then externally steam cleaned with hot detergent to remove any oil. £20 Hand pan, Tongue drum. Hand pan je hudební nástroj, který vyniká svým magickým zvukem. Každá z jeho částí je upravena tak, aby hrála jiným tónem. Při bubnování oběma rukama na hand pan dochází k úchvatné kombinaci zvuků a tónů. Top. Od nejlevnějšího. Od nejdražšího. Největší sleva The Steel Ear Drums trope as used in popular culture. Guns are loud. In Real Life, hearing protection exists for a reason. Exposure to 140 decibels (the Steel thickness from 0,8 mm to 1,5 mm | PE liner from 3 kg to 6 kg. All components can be food contact approved. All Tri-Sure plugs available including venting systems. Composite drums also exist from 20 to 60 L. Download documents Steel drums, also known as pans, are the only family of chromatic, acoustic instruments invented in the twentieth century. They hail from Trinidad, and their fascinating history is inextricably linked to the culture and resiliency of the Trinidadian people. At one time or another, Spanish, English, Dutch and French colonialists ruled the island of Trinidad. African slaves [

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Steel drum video. The Sforzata steelband, from Curepe in Trinidad, has been founded in the 1980's by Merlin « Mutt » Gill who is also the arranger for this Calypso tune, winner of the 2007 Panorama (national contest in Trinidad). Our steel drums are manufactured by the Gill's Pans company leaded by Merlin and his son Mazzini Gill They were invented in the Caribbean island of Trinidad and Tobago in the 1930's and have been proclaimed as their national musical instrument. This site provides you with more information on their origin and development. Since their birth, steel drums have evolved into bell-like sounding musical instruments, except that their notes contain. Mini Steel Pan Drum. $99.99 - $159.99. Individually hand-crafted by our team of builders and tuners, every drum we ship is professionally tuned at our U.S. facility to ensure it arrives at your door ready to play. Hand-tuning is a quality control advantage we offer over big box-type stores. Making your steel drum experience authentic. FancyPans 30 Gallon Double Lead Steel Drum W/ STAND. Sale price $595 00 $595.00 Regular price $699 00 $699.00 Save $104 SKU : STD013 Chromatic double lead - 2 - 18 diameter drums, 7 skirt lengths. This instrument is comprised of 2 - 18.

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55 Gallon Steel Drums in Bulk In Stock, Ready to Ship. A 55 gallon steel drum at BASCO means that you will be getting the packaging industry standard when it comes to a proper vessel for storing products. A 55 gallon carbon steel drum is always made from only the highest quality cold rolled steel for long lasting durability and you can get options of either an unlined rust inhibitor interior. metal sounds. ZENKO ZEN06 PLAIN STEEL TONGUE DRUM 9 NOTES - SOLSTICE SUPPORT HOUSSE ET BAGUETTES. percussion handpan tongue drum. 395.00€. au lieu de 395.00€. ou 3X 131.67€. Stock Internet Developed since 1996, INDONESIA RAYA has been dedicated to reach unmatched quality and service in the manufacture of new 209-Liter steel drum. A culture of continuous improvement makes certain as we deliver superior value to our customers

Tambores metálicos de Trinidad y Tobago. Un intérprete tocando un par de tambores metálicos. Los tambores metálicos —conocidos en inglés como steelband, steelpan o steeldrums — es una gama de instrumentos musicales y también un género de la música de Trinidad y Tobago, país localizado en el oriente de la cuenca del Mar Caribe History of steel drums (steel pans)-An Inspiring Story!! Although steel drums (steel pans) were invented in the Caribbean island of Trinidad and Tobago sometime around the Second World War, they had been evolving since the 1800's when the inhabitants were celebrating Carnival (a street parade) We have different speed steel drum production lines. High speed steel drum production line can manufacture 7-10 steel barrels per minute. On the other hand, middle speed steel barrel production line is capable to produce 5-7 drums per minute. Finally, low speed steel barrel production line is suitable for 1 to 5 drums per minute Nothing captures the mood and relaxing atmosphere of the islands like the sound of live steel drums. My name is Bob Lyons and I'm known all over South Florida as THE wedding expert. I've been playing music professionally for 35 years and have performed at 'thousands' of beach weddings.Please browse from over 100 videos of me playing at weddings ceremonies and cocktail parties

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Rahway Steel Drum Co. Inc. 26 Brick Yard Road Cranbury, NJ 08512 1-800-260-DRUM(3786) Jersey Cooperage Co. Inc. 20 River Road Sayreville, NJ 08872 1-732-254-1765. Williamsport Steel Container 360 Arch Street Williamsport, PA 17701 1-570-323-9473 High quality and durable authentic steel drum. Number markings make playing easy, even if you can't read music. Produces a variety of very smoothing tones. Can be played with included mallets or with your fingers. Suitable for all ages and musical abilities I love this drum so much! The sound is crisp and last for a long time

The RAV Vast is a metal drum with perfectly cut steel tongues and a unique sound. RAV was invented by a Russian engineer, Andrey Remyannikov in 2013, inspired by handpans, and turned out to become inimitable among other similar instruments Steel Tongue Drum - 12 Inch 8 Note Hand Pan Drum Percussion Instrument W/Mallets. $89.99. Free shipping

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The drum is made in USA by Panyard, a family-owned company that has been making steel drums and accessories since 1990. PROS : Large playing surface means less chance of missing the notes. CONS. A Steel Tongue drum is an instrument although not actually a drum by definition. It is an instrument within the percussion family, however, and produces notes played on the slits created in the top section of the steel case

Virtual keyboard Steel Drums mode. To change the sound, click on one of the nine different instruments. The screen will refresh and the button for your chosen instrument will light up green and its name will be displayed in LCD panel. There are six different drum beats and the chord mode that allows you to select sets of notes by clicking on the piano keys Innovative Percussion Lead Steel Drum Mallets with Aluminum Handle - $18.99 Innovative Percussion Double Tenor Aluminum Steel Drum Mallets - $18.99 Innovative Percussion Double Second Aluminum Steel Drum Mallets - $18.99 Innovative Percussion Guitar Aluminum Steel Drum Mallets - $20.99 Innovative Percussion Tenor Bass Aluminum Steel Drum Mallets - $21.99 Innovative Percussion Bass Aluminum. 210-liter steel drums are also produced by PGEO Edible Oils Sdn. Bhd. in Pasir Gudang, Johor and mainly used to pack edible oils. At the same time, steel drums produced are also sold to lubricants and chemical companies for their packaging purposes. All drums are manufactured under an effective system of testing, supervision and control

Al Fujairah Steel Barrels & Drums LLC was establishment in the year 1997 is promoted by the renowned company who have two decades of vast experience in steel fabrication and petro chemical industries was initially. The total plant is fully automatic with the state of art European Technology was located in Fujairah U.A.E and relocated in the. History of Steel Drums Steel Drums originated in Trinidad, an island country 7 miles off the coast of Venezuela. They were invented by the father of the modern steel pan instrument, Dr. Ellie Mannette. Elliot (Ellie) Mannette was born on November 5, 1927 in San Souci, Trinidad Steel Drums Tips for Choosing the Best Steel Drum Supplier: Expertise, Service, & Competitive Prices Not every company offers expertise, service, & competitive prices! The wrong choice of container and/or supplier could result in such things as lost production due to slow or delinquent deliveries, damage to product as a result of chemical. Stainless steel drums feature 304-2B polished stainless steel construction, corrosion resistance, tensile strength and reusable. Stainless steel drums available in different styles and volume capacities from 20 gal. to 55 gal. Stainless steel drums are specially designed for storage, shipping and handling of foods and chemicals 30 Gallon Open Top Black Steel Drum - Reconditioned These thirty gallon containers are U/N rated for liquid hazardous material storage. They may be used for liquid materials that are rated packing group II or III. Containers rated for liquid hazardous material can legally be used for solid hazardous material. To calculate the authorized gross mass of solid this containe

372 free Metal Drum loops and solo Drum recordings in our Track Collection. Play along to our Free Jam Tracks or Download Backing Tracks for Music Practice The Ambridge Area High School Steel Drum Band, under the direction of Todd Hartman, has received regional and national recognition for its outstanding musical ability, unique style, and infectious energy. The ensemble was founded in 1987 by Sal Aloe, former long-time Ambridge band director Steel Rhythm - Steel Drum Band, Boston, Massachusetts. 1,694 likes · 21 talking about this. Event specialists, creating party perfection! Entertain your guests from 2-92... yes even the uncle you've..

Steel Pan and Marimba Music, with Djembe, Bongo, Conga Drums, Island Guitar and Ukulele! Bring the Caribbean sound of steel pan drum music to any Atlanta event, venue, wedding, reception, festival, parade, party or function! Steel Pan music, accompanied by djembe, bongo & conga drums is performed by Atlanta's favorite Steel Pan & Calypso Band Jakacki Bag & Barrel, Inc. is a leading reconditioner of fiber, steel and plastic drums. We are the largest nationwide fiber drum dealer. We are a proud member of the Reusable Industrial Packaging Association (RIPA) The steel drum is a tuned idiophone traditionally made from an oil drum, but today is made of high-quality steel. To make a steel drum, or a pan, the bottom of an oil drum is first pounded into a bowl, then shaped and tuned with hammers to form distinct resonating surfaces. Steel bands are stylistically versatile, but the most common steel band. Smaller steel tongue drums don't reverberate as much as the larger ones. So in other words, you don't get as much of a full and loud sound out of them. You'll notice in the video that the larger the instrument is, the better it sounds and the longer it reverberates Steel drum workshops for hen nights. You may have seen Solid Steel instructing the contestants in 'The Generation Game' to play the steel drum in a YouTube video of ours. The show's BBC producers knew that playing a steel drum or 'pan' is a lot of fun

Yamaha Steve Gadd Signature Snare Drum - 5.5 x 14 inch - Black Nickel. 5.5 x 14 Steel Snare Drum with 3.0mm Aluminum Die-cast Hoop, 10-strand Snare Strainer, Remo Powerstroke P3 Coated Batter Head, and Black Nickel Drum Key - Black Nickel. $999.99. Or $42.00/month§ with. 24 mo. financing* i Finest steel drum music & tropical entertainment in Texas. Experienced pro musicians to make your occasion an event! Wedding band, DJ, Christmas, pool parties, children's music, birthdays. Dallas Fort Worth Waco Austin San Antonio Houston Galveston Shreveport Lake Charles Oklahoma City Tulsa Little Rock Fort Smit

"Under The Sea" performed on Steel Drum from The LittleSnare Drum Pendant Lighting • iD LightsSteel Pan bands on Trinidad Carnival Monday 2015 filmed bypost pics of your favorite drum rack system

The Steel Drum is a percussion instrument in the idiophone family (instruments that create sounds through the vibration of the material itself without requiring strings, membranes, or external resonators). Due to its melodic variety, it is highly appreciated for its relaxing sounds. You can either use mallets or your own hands to produce sound Steel Valley Pipes & Drums. February 16 at 6:10 PM ·. Steel Valley Pipes & Drums members Bill Kuhley, Derek Sullivan and Stephen Holter would like to present our latest tune, Gilbert Lightfoot. Thanks to Sam Holter for his amazing video work as always and also to The Dash Inn in Austintown, Ohio for letting us film there About Us Our Story. In 2007, the Stavig brothers acquired Myers Container and Container Management Services, the fourth generation of the family-owned business dating back to 1917. General Steel Drum of Charlotte, North Carolina was acquired by the Stavigs in February of 2011 and continues to operate independently under its own name and entity. In September 2018, the Stavigs added North Coast.