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Darksied wins in the comics., But thanos is strong because he punched hulk and hulk cried, In the comics there is a 7th stone nobody knows what it is not even me so thanos could destroy darkseid with all 7 stones., and 3 more. This wiki is retarded. Aliens Who would win?Subscribe to CBR: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-CBRWe love a good superhero battle, but let's consider what would happen if two of our favorite vi.. Order your 23andMe Health + Ancestry Service kit at http://23andme.com/deathbattleTry Blue Apron! Get your first 3 meals free at http://blueapron.com/battleC..

This is the composite version of Darkseid at his strongest from Detective Comics without any injuries; whereas this is the composite version of Thanos at his strongest from Marvel Comics without. Thanos (Infinity Gauntlet) vs Darkseid #. Darkseid Superman beats darkseid avatars the reason darkseid beats ig is he can teleport him to another universe ig is superior in raw firepower superman only stands a chance against ig with solar flare +kryptonian martial arts otherwise he loses to ig. MrJaeger07 8 mo 9 d In fact, Thanos is a copy of Darkseid. Darkseid makes Thanos look like a preschool bully, because Darkseid is more evil than Thanos. He is literally the God of Evil, and has done countless evil things that would make even Thanos afraid. Darkseid would win, simply because of his overwhelming strength, speed, and durability Darkseid loses to Superman in the bulk of their fights, Thanos generally requires a team of S-tiers to be beaten. Still likely Thanos, IG's more of an amp. True form Darkseid was ultimately unable to stop a man with a gun from shooting him, he can't beat a functionally omnipotent being Darkseid: Líder supremo, estratega y general. Thanos: Dependiendo del grupo, ha sido líder, estratega, concejero y proveedor de armamento y tecnología. ¡Vota el resultado

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  1. Thanos also shares Darkseid's habit of letting followers do his dirty work, but where DC's villain demands fealty, Thanos considers his closest followers children. Thanos' wrath is nothing to be sneered at, but he's far more forgiving than Darkseid, grieving after killing Gamora, and not hunting down Loki, despite the God of Mischief's failure
  2. Thanos is no match for the full threat of Darkseid. To Darkseid, Thanos is just another alien playing at god while he stands as a genuine article. At best, Darkseid would look at Thanos as a.
  3. Darkseid Vs Thanos is the seventh episode in Cartoon Beatbox Battles, and the seventh episode overall (excluding live episodes). 1 Votes 2 Plot 2.1 Flashback 2.2 Introducing the competitors 2.3 Thanos's beatbox round 2.4 Post-Thanos's beatbox round 2.5 Darkseid's beatbox round 2.6..
  4. Thanos VS Darkseid is the 103rd episode and Season 5 Finale of DEATH BATTLE!, featuring Thanos from Marvel Comics and Darkseid from DC Comics in a battle between godly space tyrants. Thanos was voiced by Justice Washington and Darkseid was voiced by Edward Bosco
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  1. Thanos (without the Infinity Gauntlet) vs Darkseid Non-enhanced, this is a fight that really tells us about the two villains and this is the scenario that you could use as a reference point, because it portrays who the two actually are, without additions and without any weapons
  2. RELATED: 10 Reasons Darkseid Is More Powerful Than Thanos (And 10 Why Thanos is More Powerful) This comparison makes sense, since Thanos ' creator Jim Starlin was inspired by Jack Kirby's New Gods series that the artist brought with him when he jumped ship from Marvel to DC
  3. Thanos, when he has assembled all the Infinity Stones, has the power to virtually do anything he wishes (in the comics, traditionally to woo Death). Darkseid also has a universe bending weapon of his own. When equipped with the Anti-Life Equation, reality itself kneels before Darkseid. Given such powerful concepts, most of Darkseid and Thanos appearances feature them in search of their ultimate power

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Team Thanos (God Quarry) God Quarry Thanos* vs. Darkseid Regulator Thanos* vs. True form Darkseid Omega vs. New52 Darkseid* Mystic vs. ALE Darkseid * Warrior vs. SFDS* Armour vs. IG Darkseid* HOTU* vs. ME king thanos* vs. MI IG thanos vs. The source*--Regulator Thanos, God Quarry thanos* vs. N52 Darkseid, ALE Darkseid HOTU, King Thanos vs. SFDS. Darkseid and Thanos continued to fight until Darkseid pulled out his Anti Life Equation. He then starting dominating Thanos and beating him senseless until Thanos pulled out the Infinity Gauntlet. Thanos snapped his fingers, causing Darkseid to lose his Equation. Darkseid then was on his knees, begging to Thanos. Please don't erase me from. Darkseid vs Thanos Lyrics: Y'all gon' make me act a fool, up in here, up in here / Y'all gon' make me lose my cool, up in here, up in here / Y'all gon' make me bust a smack, up in here, up in here. Darkseid vs Thanos: The Conclusion When it comes to Darkseid vs Thanos, the two are almost as evenly matched as they come, making this duel basically a draw. If Darkseid used his Omega Beams to their full ability, they might be enough to weaken Thanos to the point that he would be killable, but as we saw in DC Versus Marvel , the most likely possible outcome may be that those two merge into one superbeing And thus, Thanos became a tall, bulky purple guy with a craggly face (though he did keep the chair). Darkseid sought Anti-Life, while Thanos was obsessed with death. They could have been.

Thanos was a cheap rip-off of Darkseid, but more importantly, Darkseid was created by the unparalled, legendary Jack Kirby. I don't know who created Thanos, but the King's work is the best. I see by the voting tally that Thanos is winning, probably because people think it's cool that he's in love with Death Thanos et Darkseid occupant des rôles presque identiques dans des univers étendus rivaux depuis toujours, la comparaison est donc naturelle. Mais s'il existe de nombreux parallèles entre ces deux déviants tout à fait méprisables (que l'on adore !), Darkseid et Thanos ont moins en commun que ce que l'on pourrait croire Darkseid Vs Thanos/Script < Darkseid Vs Thanos. View source History Talk (0) Episode: Gallery: Script: Hey what's up guys, it's Verbal ASE, beatboxer from outer space! I just want to say thank you so much for supporting my channel, before we begin with this episode, make sure you click that subscribe button, and turn on that notification bell. Darkseid Vs Thanos - Cartoon Beatbox Battles View source History Talk (0) watch 02:45. Wiki Targeted (Entertainment) Do you like this video? Play Sound This is the 7th episode of Cartoon Beatbox Battles, a show Verbalase has created [Ps I'll be using the lyrics shown from Genius and in explained].

Thanos vs Darkseid is a rap battle created by JT Music (formerly known as JT Machinima). It is to celebrate the fight in the internet show DEATH BATTLE! when it had Thanos battle Darkseid. Both tyrants ultimately try to claim they are invincible and all-powerful while undermining their opponent Darkseid vs Thanos. Crown Garden Gaming posted a video to playlist Peliculas Cortos y mas. 3 hrs ·. 1 Summary 2 Powers and Stats 3 Gallery 4 Others Darkseid is one of the most powerful New Gods and the tyrannical ruler of Apokolips, an archetypal world beyond the boundaries of time and space. His everlasting goal is the utter domination and enslavement of all life in creation, when all is ordered according to his will. Darkseid was formerly known as Uxas, brother of Drax and son of Yuga Khan.

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Y'all gone make me bust a smack, up in here, up in here, y'all gone make my fingers snap, up in here, up in here. Why should i battle a crusty old man when he can't even defeat a little weak peter pan? You're lucky this is only a beatbox battle, cuz in a real battle i would make you feel rattled. Look at him, he's only got one planet, i got the. If Marvel, then Thanos because Death has rejected Thanos and he can never die. If Thanos has the gauntlet then he snaps his fingers and Darkseid ceases to exist. If in the DC universe, then it's a standstill. They actually fought in the DC vs. Marvel series in the 90s and it was pretty much a stalemate Se Thanos utilizasse a Manopla do Infinito, é certo que Darkseid não teria qualquer chance. Já que o artefato faz do seu usuário o Deus dos Deuses. E se Darkseid revidasse com a Equação Anti-Vida para aniquilar o vilão da Marvel, a Morte aparecia para ajudar Ohne Hilfen gewinnt ohne Zweifel Darkseid.Ist Thanos aber im Besitz von Infinity Gauntlet würde ich fast zu 100% auf Thanos tippen.Schon alleine der Reality-Gem würde massiv Schaden anrichten. 1 Kommentar. 1. Ichbintoll215 10.07.2021, 02:44. Darkseid haust außerhalb des Universums

Thanos VS Darkseid - Valutazioni finali: Ci troviamo di fronte ad uno scontro praticamente pari. D'altronde Thanos è nato come risposta a Darkseid per far si che avesse anche la Marvel un cattivone galattico. Sono quindi due personaggi creatisi per le stesse necessità: essere un nemico praticamente insormontabile Descarga gratuita de Darkseid vs thanos cartoon beatbox battles MP3. Descargue el archivo mp3 Darkseid vs thanos cartoon beatbox battles a una calidad de audio de 320 kbps. Archivo de música Darkseid vs thanos cartoon beatbox battle On ne peut pas parler de Thanos et de l'univers DC sans évoquer Darkseid. Car lorsqu'il a créé le Titan Fou, Jim Starlin, le « père » de Thanos, s'est largement inspiré de Darkseid. Avec une différence de taille : Darkseid est bien plus puissant que son homologue Marvel. Son rayon omega peut détruire n'importe quel organisme. Thanos vs. Darkseid! First we will look at the origins and the basics of each character. We will follow that by Thanos' and Darkseid's powers and abilities which would then lead them into battle. Origins: Thanos. Thanos is a descendant of the Eternals meaning he was born with a Deviant gene making him a 'mutant' on his alien planet Thanos HOTU vs SoulFire Darkseid, i say Thanos because in cross Thanos faced equal to Zero Hour Parallax, the feats of Zero Hour Parallax is more impressive SoulFire Darkseid . Vezon. Jul 26, 2013 #4 Pretty sure the only canon crossover was Avengers vs. JL, and it's only canon for one of the publishers

Darkseid Vs Thanos is the seventh episode in Cartoon Beatbox Battles, and the seventh episode overall (excluding live episodes). The Winner was Thanos. 1 Votes 2 Plot 2.1 Flashback 2.2 Introducing the competitors 2.3 Thanos's beatbox round 2.4 Post-Thanos's beatbox round 2.5 Darkseid's beatbox.. Thanos vs darkseid how it would go down Descargar MP3. CBR; hace 1 año; 846.1Kplays; Descargue el archivo de música MP3 Thanos vs darkseid how it would go downa una calidad de audio de 320 kbps Thanos Vs. Darkseid. There will likely not be a day where these two titans go to combat outside of fan fiction. So, we'll never know for certain who would be victorious in this battle. Based on. Thanos starts using magic attacks knocking Dimentio away. Thanso goes to hit him again, but he teleports away. Then while Enerjak and Darkseid are fighting Darkseid recharges and hits Enerjak with an Omega Beam, but he dodges. Dimentio uses Mirror Magic and then hits Thanos with a Magic bomb meanwhile Enerjak kicks Darkseid down to the ground Thanos vs Darkseid - everyone's properly already talked to in length about this fight but i wanted to throw my own personal hat in the ring and talk about a couple of questions regarding this fight: Will the Infinity Gauntlet just erase Darkseid out of existence: No. While the Infinity Gauntlet is very powerful and could easily kill most.

Darkseid vs. Thanos: ¿Cuál es el villano más poderoso? Las adaptaciones cambiaron bastante a estos villanos, pero los cómics nos dan una respuesta más clara. por. Lolita Descortés 2020-11-27. Hablar solamente de DC o Marvel termina siempre en una serie de ataques, pero hablar de ambas compañías se convierte en una guerra épica. Desde. Thanos vs Darkseid It is going to be a comparison between the two of them, and it would be done in 5 rounds and each round will provide a point each to the winner. And a Spoiler Warning is now in effect as we are going to go a little deep in the comic, now that you have been warned let's get started The YouTube channel Screw Attack tackled Darkseid vs Thanos in their popular show Death Battle, which pits two fictional characters in a death match and compares their strengths, weaknesses, and.

Darkseid vs Thanos ¿Quién es el villano más poderoso? Hal48. ¿Quién ganaría en una pelea entre Darkseid y Thanos? Es una pregunta tan antigua como los propios personajes. Eternos son los debates entre los fanáticos para definir quién de los dos es el más poderoso. Para unos el Titán Loco, capaz de derrotar a los Vengadores con. Thanos Vs. Darkseid. KMC Community Forums. User Name : Passwor Thanos is a mortal playing god — Darkseid is a god playing with mortals. There's also the basic physical element: Thanos' power is derived from his Titan DNA, while Darkseid's comes from the use of Omega Beams, which are powerful enough to harm Kryptonians, destroy planets, and fast enough to catch speedsters

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  1. Thanos is a titan. Darkseid is a god. For all of Thanos's power and influence, he just cannot match Darkseid face-to-face with no additional advantages. Don't forget to share this post on Facebook and Twitter ! Share Facebook Twitter ReddIt WhatsApp Pinterest Facebook Messenger Email
  2. The Mad Titan vs. The Lord of Apokolips. THANOS Gender: Male Height: 6' 7 Weight: 985 lbs (448 kg) Eyes: Red Hair: Bald Skin: Purple (Powers) By far the most powerful Titanian Eternal, Thanos is.
  3. Darkseid vs Thanos; User Info: DeanToskic. DeanToskic 4 years ago #1. Who wins? - Results (38 votes) Darkseid. 71.05% (27 votes) 27. Thanos. 23.68% (9 votes) 9. Draw. 5.26% (2 votes) 2. This poll is now closed. My coworker asked me this the other day and I couldn't answer. Darkseid is extremely powerful, but Thanos is no slouch, especially with.
  4. Anyway, Thanos is a pretender, a simile, Darkseid is the original and wrecks Thanos either way, Infinity Gauntlet or not. If with Infinity Gauntler, Darkseid possesses the Anti-Life Equation and still wrecks. Thanos with the Infinity Gauntlet is already more powerful than Death

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Darkseid vs. Thanos: ¿Cuál es el villano más poderoso? Hablar solamente de DC o Marvel termina siempre en una serie de ataques, pero hablar de ambas compañías se convierte en una guerra épica. Desde sus inicios, ambas han tratado de superar a la otra y en el proceso ha pasado de todo, desde robos descarados de personajes hasta traiciones. Thanos vs Darkseid, duel Supervillain Terhebat Sejagat. Thanos vs Darkseid, duel Supervillain Terhebat Sejagat. Beberapa waktu lalu kita dihebohkan dengan rilisnya movie Avengers Infinity Wars yang langsung merajai kancah bioskop di seluruh dunia tak terkecuali di indonesia In a straight-up confrontation, Darkseid would trounce Thanos, while Pooky brings absolutely nothing to the table apart from possibly getting ping-ponged if he's caught between the former two. Given enough time to plan however, I can see Thanos pulling out a win through cunning and subterfuge, although that's not to say that Darkseid isn't a.

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Looks awesome, Thanos vs. Darkseid is so amazing/intense/hardcore , love it, so love Thanos/Darkseid awesome ultimate evil horrible Marvel/DC supervillains ever, love the epic fight pic. Reply. 1 like. iamawesome097. Sep 15, 2019. I wonder who will win-*Darkseid headbutts the Infinity Gauntlet* Jesus Christ Thanos is screwed Thanos won the beatbox battle . 2021-05-23T06:21:37Z Comment by CallmeBlackie. Let me show you how to scratch it. 2021-04-21T00:00:26Z Comment by firey. e. 2021-02-11T12:55:05Z Comment by draxam. awhooooooooo. 2021-02-05T06:26:08Z Comment by Giovanni Giorno. pig noise intesify. 2021-01-14T17:57:09Z Comment by Fox girl. Cacodemon vs Pain. Before Thanos could react, Darkseid performed a clothesline, slamming Thanos into the ground. Not giving his foe any room to recover, Darkseid grabbed Thanos by the ankle and began to spin. After three complete spins, Darkseid released Thanos, sending him flying along the horizon, becoming a speck in the distance within a second The paradox of Thanos being a more layered and accessible character, even as a villain, than Darkseid is that Darkseid still feels scarier and more frightening as a villain. Darkseid still has an air of existential horror and fear to him, whether it's Tom King's Mr. Miracle comics and even now in the Bruce Timm cartoons and so on, that Thanos. Netizens on MCU's Thanos VS DC's Darkseid. Both Marvel and DC comics and the movies based on them enjoy a humongous fanbase. Fans often draw parallels between various characters of the two worlds, especially MCU's Thanos and DC's Darkseid

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  1. Darkseid vs. Thanos seems like the kind of no-brainer matchup that would've happened by now, but we've never really gotten a real answer to this one in the comics themselves, largely because.
  2. Darkseid is the Skeletor of comics, hyped as hell, surrounded by idiots, completely ineffective and always loses by stupid ways. Thanos is part of the cosmic balance, an avatar of Death. Darkseid is someone for Superman to punch in the face. Final Crisis proved that Darkseid is a jobber
  3. Thanos' popularity over Darkseid might be disputed to be frank. Yeah, the MCU launched Thanos to the stratosphere of general audience stardom, he's a household name now thanks to the success of the Disney marketing machine and good movie making from the MCU, and while Darkseid may still be relegated to comic book audience level of notoriety, his outings in animated features and shows like.

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But seeing how huge Thanos is now and Darkseid could be if New Gods comes out, who do you think is the better villain and why? I'm more familiar with Darkseid due to the DCAU where he was amazing and one of the best villains. On the other hand ,movies have made me appreciate Thanos more. astro. Member Darkseid sendiri memang memiliki kemampuan bertarung yang kuat, mirip seperti Thanos. Namun, jika berbicara kekuatan utama Omega Beam yang dimiliki Darkseid bisa menjadi nilai plus bagi pertarungan ini. Cahaya penghancur dari Omega Beam ini mampu menembus jarak yang sangat jauh, bahkan sampai ke jarak antar galaksi

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Description: Darkseid Vs Thanos Art is part of Superheroes Collection and its available for Desktop Laptop PC and Mobile Screen. Download Darkseid Vs Thanos Art Wallpaper for free in different resolution ( HD Widescreen 4K 5K 8K Ultra HD ), Wallpaper support different devices like Desktop PC or Laptop, Mobile and tablet. You Can Set it as Lockscreen or Wallpaper of Windows 10 PC, Android Or. Darkseid (Uxas) is a fictional supervillain appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics.Created by writer-artist Jack Kirby, the character debuted in a cameo in Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #134 (November 1970) before being fully introduced in Forever People #1 (February 1971). Darkseid is the tyrannical ruler of the planet Apokolips whose ultimate goal is to enslave the universe by. The running tally sits at 4 points for Darkseid, and 3 each for Thanos and Apocalypse. Here's where you get to decide: the fan vote will be worth two points,.

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Find and download Darkseid Wallpaper on HipWallpaper. | See more Darkseid Wallpaper, Darkseid Galactus Wallpaper, Thanos vs Darkseid Wallpaper, Darkseid New 52 Wallpaper, Darkseid Smallville Wallpaper, Anti-Monitor vs Darkseid Wallpape Thanos di Titano. VS Darkseid di Apokolips. Entrambi hanno ogni arma del loro inventario,Thanos non ha le gemme, cuore dell'universo o\e cubo cosmico.Darkseid anche lui ha tutto il suo arsenale. Tutti e due al 1000% e si vince per K.O. Darkseid vs Thanos Creditos a Mightyracoon Suscribete al canal | https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzPw... Si gustan donar seria un gran detalle de.. Darkseid vs Thanos Comparison. Looking for a proper Darkseid Thanos Comparison?We know lots about All Superheroes and Super Villains but when it comes to choose the best from the lot, we are in a fix. You need not worry anymore as we are providing you with the most reliable information about Darkseid vs Thanos powers, enemies, key facts and much more

Darkseid can only be killed by Radion (like all the new gods), so if Thanos reads Darkseid's mind and learns of this weakness, Thanos could use his matter to turn a sharp rock or even the entire ground into Radion. Thanos on the other hand is completely unkillable by any means. Reply Darkseid vs Thanos. Duration: 13:33 4/28/2021. SHARE. SHARE. TWEET. SHARE. EMAIL. It's time for a titanic battle between two of pop culture's most feared villains. For this video, we'll be.

The point being that when compared to Thanos, Darkseid was still more than willing/able to keep fighting, whereas once Thanos pissed off Galactus he was actually injured, Galactus drew blood, and basically begged Galactus to stop attacking him. And even then, Thanos had a barrier in place that took the brunt of the damage till Galactus used.

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Ah, The Mad Titan and The Lord of Apokolips. Two of the biggest and baddest foes the Avengers and Justice League faces. Thanos was created by Jim Starlin and made his first appearance in The Invincible Iron Man #55 which was released on February o.. Thanos. Wins. You don't have to feel bad about it. Darkseid is a better written villain IMO, but Thanos was written just to be a trump to Darkseid to try and win at the comic book rack. Everything he is was designed by Marvel to deal with how compelling Darkseid was as a villain. He is a literal trump card to Darkseid Thanos quickly conjured his rifle, training it on the descending Darkseid. Darkseid's plummet to the Earth was halted as he was struck by a massive cube, freezing him in place above the ground. Thanos, smile back on his face, aims a hand above the cube-trapped Darkseid, a massive spike forming above the alien. Die

Thanos is a very powerful being who can become akin to a god with the Infinity Gauntlet. Darkseid is a god to start with. Hell, Darkseid is, period. You can squibble with the facts, but the overall result seems accurate enough. Thanos isn't a disposable mook for Darkseid to stomp, but he's not going to win this fight in the way he wants, either Darkseid et son succès ont en effet largement inspiré la création de Thanos. Il y a tout de même de quoi se demander comment un face à face entre ces deux Titans pourrait se terminer Penampilan Darkseid di film Zack Snyder's Justice League membuat penggemar penasaran. Apakah sang supervillain akan tampil mengerikan jika sekuel DC Extended Universe dilanjutkan kembali. Lantas, bagaimana jadinya apabila Darkseid disandingkan dengan supervillain dari Marvel, Thanos.. Kedua karakter ini sering disebut sebagai dua penjahat super paling mengerikan di masing semesta komik miliknya

Thanos vs Darkseid Rap Battle (feat. DaddyPhatSnaps) Time to drive a Titan mad, break his will with blinding hate Who would murder half a universe? I'd rather wipe the slate I'll collapse your fragile reality, drag you into my dark abyss Hit you with the wrath of a god, because they call me the walkin' Apokolip evet şimdi baktımda bir vs yapılmamış bu iki çizgi roman evreninin baş kötüleri için. şimdi darkseid'in güçlerini son justice league filminde görmedik. thanos'un uber bir güç olduğunu biliyoruz. benim fikrimi sorarsanız gauntlet giymiş thanos darkseid'i tokat manyağı yapar. darkseid'in güçlerini bilen çizgi roman severler daha detaylı bir kıyas yaparlar. bir de o. Darkseid vs Thanos, and Galacticus on the back / moviepilot.com Since their introduction there's been villains that have manipulated the universe and all of its living species in a wrong way. These characters are known as the fathers of evil always leading other minor villains to the imminent destruction of planet earth and its people

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Thanos & Darkseid Vs. All-Star Superman Started by: deadspeak25. Forum Jump Within the comic, tantalizing matchups such as The Flash vs. Quicksilver, Batman vs. Captain America, Superman vs. Hulk, and more played out, as winners of the bouts were decided by the creative team and reader voting. While Thanos and Darkseid weren't among the matchups, the pair did meet in the crossover Kekuatan: Darkseid. Untuk urusan kekuatan sebenarnya Darkseid dan Thanos hampir memiliki kekuatan yang sama. Thanos pernah menunjukan kekuatannya dengan mengalahkan Hulk, Thor dan bahkan Odin. Dia juga mampu mengangkan beban berat (bahkan planet), bahkan dia bisa menahan serangan besar yang bisa melukainya The hosts shift gears from Thanos and onward to his imminent opponent, Darkseid, one of the many New Gods born from the ashes of a destroyed race. In the distant past countless billions of years ago, the humanoid lifeforms upon the ancient god world Urgrund attained divinity, christening themselves the Old Gods Thanos vs. Fernus, Doomsday, Sinestro, Kalibak & Darkseid All users, both new and returning, are expected to follow THE CBR COMMUNITY STANDARDS & RULES . If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above

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There's even stronger links between Darkseid and the Marvel Comics villain called Thanos — and that could pose a cosmic-level challenge for DuVernay and Tom King, the DC Comics star writer who. Darkseid vs. Thanos After seeing The Avengers three times, (so far...) I had to do a piece in tribute. I'm working on a series of mashups between comic characters, and this is the latest. Darkseid vs. Thanos, who's got the bigger shoulders? Posted by Paul Wee at 1:18 PM. 3 comments Maaf Fansnya Marvel, tapi pastinya Darkseid menang, sebelum gansis bilang bahwa ane adalah bodoh, ane adalah fans besar Marvel dan karakter favorit ane Scarlet Witch, tapi tentunya Darkseid menang. Darkseid aja salah satu julukannya adalah God Of Evil sedangkan Thanos julukannya The Mad Titan

Pero años antes de que conociéramos las adaptaciones cinematográficas de estos seres, nos fue posible ver a Darkseid vs Thanos en una formidable batalla, producto del evento DC vs. Marvel, la mítica serie de cuatro números escrita por Ron Marz y Peter David en 1996, la cual reunió, además, a los personajes más populares de cada editorial Darkseid Vs. Thanos in Fatal Flaw! With Justice League set to begin filming early next year, we will hopefully finally get a more solid idea of who the main villain of the film will be. Will DC go ahead and use Darkseid, who was the first foe that the current incarnation of the JLA faced - or will they deem him too close to Thanos?. Thanos destroys the sun, as Darkseid teleports back to Thanos. Thanos punches Darkseid. Darkseid throws a planet at Thanos. After an explsion, Thanos is found lying on a moon, as he snaps Darkseid out of existance - only for Darkseid to keep on reappearing. Thanos is frustrated, while Darkseid calmly teleports them to his own reality

darkseid vs thanos. şükela: tümü | bugün. dc ve marvel'ın büyük patronlarının çekişmesi. yalnız thanos, direktman darkseid'tan araktır ama olsun. taşlı thanos kazanır taşsız thanos küsküyü yer. darkseid elleri arkaya bagli şu şekilde durarak thanos'a omega beam ile tek atar thanos kim la ? wonder woman'i teke tekte. Thanos 616> Darkseid. Thanosun base hali Darkseidden daha güçlü bence çünkü Darkseid bunun aksini pekte göstermedi. Anti-Monitor COIE halindeyken bile Supergirlden, Flashtan dayak yiyebiliyordu ki Pre 52'de Nekronun güç kaynağı oldu daha sonrasında ise Superboy Prime'den yine bir güzel dayak yedi Resultado Darkseid tem a vantagem de sua imortalidade nesse caso e como Thanos não faz parte da Fonte, não poderia matar o tirano pra sempre, já Thanos demora mais para voltar ao seu corpo físico, se Darkseid usar os seus raios ômega para o desintegrar então, faria com que o tempo se prolongasse ainda mais, então ponto pro Darkseid republicworld.com - Zack Snyder's 'Justice League' aka Snyder's cut has again sparked the famous 'Darkseid Vs Thanos' debate on the internet, details inside. Ever since